Camille J Miller Poetry


We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony! Revelations 12:11

            I had kids


     Here, in my womb

Swimming in amniotic fluid


         That I would be

              The one

       To love and protect


             I was scared

  Pregnant by a white man

        In a world where

        Black and white

   Was a not a vanilla swirl


       High yellow blacks

        With auburn curls


                  And I


       For a way of escape

   Thinking that I could take


  From the One who gave me

              Life, Himself

             Granting a gift

             That I rejected

                 For fear 

          Of raising a child 

               By Myself

        Repeating a pattern

       That repeats itself in

   Generations of black folks

 Reducing our population to 

               Under 12%

                    And I


That by discarding "the burden"

 I'd change the last chapters of

          Romeo and Juliet

      Two star crossed lovers

              Would live

        Happily ever after

 And our parents would see

      That all blood is red

     We all put our pants on 

          One leg at a time


      What about he (or she)

   That this many years later

              Haunts me

        Voices that cry out

   From pictures of children

      Hanging on hallways

   Invitations to graduations

      Baby announcements

          Shadows of life

     That should have been

                  Had I

             Not chosen

          Death over life

Snatched from innocent babes

                I had kids


        Here, in my womb

      Copyright 5/7/2011

Abortion Surrendered Book Testimonies

I love the way this book is written and put together, very simple. but professional and Biblical.

The cover is beautiful, love the large print and great flow of this prayer manual.

I am a post abortive woman, a member of Operation Outcry and am very honored to have received this great book and personally met the author at prolife events we've attended with our ministry.

God bless you abundantly Pastor Andrea for writing and sharing your awesome book of healing for those wounded after abortion!

NE 2016

May 2016

A year ago I approached the author for her healing gifts. She is a friend and I have a terminal disease. In the discussion that followed, she said that she sensed I had a deeply buried and painful action from the past, perhaps an abortion. This was an amazing insight. I have not talked to anyone about my abortion, except my minister shortly after the abortion 30 years ago. She then gently probed and listened as I talked through my story. With a series of prayers she led me out of the aftermath of my abortion, still remarkably fresh in pain even now.

Over the decades I have prayed countless times for forgiveness and, more importantly, for a sense that I had been forgiven. That afternoon I felt the burden lift.

"Abortion Surrendered" A Prayer  Manual for Healing of Persons Involved With Abortion will be immensely useful for the wide range of people, from those who have lain on the medical table, those who have held their hands, those who mourn the lost life and those who aided the action. No one escapes this experience without longstanding wounds.

I particularly liked that objective, fact-driven issues about abortion are included, without being overwhelming. Similarly, I did not feel pounded by a "repent your sins" lecture. Andrea helped me find to what Jesus promised, a way to remove my heavy and find peace.

If you are a prayer leader, clergy or counselor, this book will probably become a well-worn "go to" guide when abortion is part of your work with others. Individuals can also use it as a ladder to healing.

Andrea is increasing her outreach with this newly published book. So you may have the chance to benefit from hearing this humble yet confident lady who bubbles over with God's love and gifts of healing.

Until then, I encourage you to use her book alone. It has simple, to- the-point prayers to help bring peace from the pain.

1950 - 2016



I love this book!

Andrea answered some very important questions I had and she helped me understand a lot of things that really bothered me.

Thank you Andrea and thank you for doing what Jesus Christ Laid on your heart to do to help Woman and Men who need help with what they have been through with abortion or even thinking about abortion.

God bless you!!!!

BB 2015

I had the honor of meeting Ms. Sosebee at a Pro-Life conference. It is obvious that God speaks to her and inspired this wonderful book. More than just something to read, it contained prayers and verses specific to different circumstances. A wonderful resource!

BE 2016

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